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The Supermechanical Internet of Things - Twine

When people postulate what web 3.0 will be like, or talk about the Internet of Things, they typically prescribe it's creation to men in labs with white coats producing web enabled devices for giant corporations to churn out of factories.

Your power to connect stuff.

This is different. Twine is exciting because it honours that same creativity that propelled web2.0 - enabling consumers to be publishers - by putting the power into the hands of the end users and not the intermediaries or manufacturers.

Twine is like the real life cousin of IFTTT and allows everyone to manufacture their 3.0.

Exercise your imagination and standback to adjust your filters.

It's been fun viewing how rapidly this brilliant Kickstarter project reached its funding goal this week, and I am eager to obtain a device as a backer, but is this project more than just Arduino for the hoi polloi?

Is the Internet of Things coming to a hand near you?