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The elephant, a cow, and a room full of #ProSEO

This week I shared a room with the finest SEO minds in town and a cow disguised as an elephant.

Yes, I attended the superb Pro Seminar in London.

It was hugely gratifying to experience in person the final session showdown between Rand Fishkin and Will Critchlow as they intellectually bludgeoned us with their SEO brilliance, goading the audience to up their game in pursuit of excellence.

You can view a clip of the final session showdown on SEOMoz.

What you won't see in the rough Ustream clip is the elephant.

The elephant in the room, was infact a cow, and a purple one at that.

In essence Rand and Will coincided in their conclusions and possibly both echoed a sentiment that Seth Godin is infamous for: Be remarkable

Rand actually featured Seth in his slidedeck and although Will did not cite him, his thinking gravitated towards "doing kick ass stuff" will bring the links.

Rand talked about owning instead of competing and offered some sparkling examples of brands that had stuck their necks out.

Ownership in branding is a concept espoused by the advertising cognescenti and it remains a genuine way to achieve success, for big and small players.

But is it too much of a slippery subject for Mozzers and SEO pros alike to grapple with as link navel gazing continues to run amok?

Is now the time to take the un out of unmarketing return full circle?