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How to show Quora content on your blog

Contrary to reports in Spanish that I'm disillusioned about Quora - La Gran Decepción de Quora - note, that decepción in Spanish does not mean deception in English!, infact I personally think it's superb, here's a quick and easy screencast showing you how to embed your Quora activity on your Wordpress blog.

Have a Wordpress blog and wish to display your Quora activity automagically?

Remember this is suitable if your blog is a self hosted Wordpress one and you have a theme which allows Widgets, and you have access to the Plugins options as an administrator of the WordPress site.

If the screencast below is too blurry, view the High Definition version at Screenr. 

For your reference, the sample HTML code I used in this screencast, that is placed above the Quora feed, which displays a graphic like this

can be obtained here.

I'm sure in time official plugins and others will appear that will make this even easier.

With Quora having enjoyed hockey stick like growth in the last month, I'm now detecting a love/hate sentiment towards Quora.

Are you decepcionado with Quora, how do you feel about it?