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The psychological brilliance of Microsoft's upside down #ie6countdown campaign

So it's not often you'll hear such effusive adjectives in the same sentence as Microsoft, let alone in relation to their communications which so frequently has attracted derision for its allegiance to a well trodden 90's style fresh faced clichéd image library.

However with the advent browser wars again, this time it's different:
Instead of lauding the benefits of the new browser from Redmond, Microsoft have embraced the passionate dislike so many web developers still harbour towards IE6, they have created a rallying cry in #ie6countdown and recruited an army of advocates to their cause.

Had they marched on with yet another product launch of their latest browser in a yesteryear fashion, they would have attracted plenty of yah boo hiss hiss from an ever vocal group of users and programmers.

Instead they have a magnificent awareness campaign being conducted for them.

The evidence speaks for itself.

So if the the aim is to consign IE6 to the history books, what should I upgrade to?

Well, that's precisely the question Microsoft want you to ask.

Just flip that number 6 upside down.

I tip my hat.

What do you say?