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Interactive Mega-SERP

Keeping up with Search Engine Results Pages is, these days, even for full time SEO professionals, a fraught affair.

Google make hundreds of changes each year to their underlying algorithm.

However, not only are the query processes altered - aka Hummingbird - and the ranking methods adjusted, but their display is also subject to huge flux and continual experimentation.

Here is an interactive, tablet and fat finger friendly version of Dr. Peter Myers', Mega-SERP as featured on Moz.

Want to use it? Grab the embed code from Thinglink.

Whilst strictly speaking this SERP result is a blend of ingredients - just like our humble taco - it's a fascinating illustration of the wider complexity that we now face as marketers, and paradoxically the accuracy, relevance and richness we encounter as users.

In a lot of ways peak keyword has long since passed, even if conversations about keywords in the boardroom may not have.

Peak taco though?

I suspect that's a whole different byte.