Do you misunderstand the pursuit of #linklove ?

Last week I attended the brilliant SEO seminar about Link Building by Distilled otherwise known by #linklove among the 300 or so attendees in London.

Many a blog has already effused and poured over the topics and professional speakers who shared their experiences and expertise.

And since the event, the reaction has been very positive. On the whole.

However there continues to be people who misunderstand SEO.

So allow me to introduce you this video. It propelled my career interest in advertising and open thinking from an early age, and like all timeless communication, it's still relevant now.

More than one hundred of the seminar attendees are unofficially listed on Twitter here

If you're in the USA you can still attend the imminent New Orleans Link Building Seminar on 25th March or buy the video of the London event. I highly recommend it.