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Don't know how to plan an Internet Marketing Strategy?

Yes you do.

But maybe not yet.

That's because the trouble with the internet, is you can never finish reading it.

If like me, you spend your working hours devising an internet marketing strategy for clients and executing it, then such a report from the likes of Econsultancy makes compelling reading.
This document - which is untypically free to download on Econsultancy - outlines some of the latest thinking, case studies and best practices in:
  • User experience
  • Customer experience management
  • Voice of the customer
  • Mobile app vs. mobile web
  • Mobile as the ‘glue’ connecting channels
  • Mobile commerce
  • Measuring the value of social media
  • Social CRM
  • Attribution management
  • Social for search engine optimization
  • Social commerce
  • Social media management
  • From bought media to earned media
  • From impression to expression
  • Enriched content: video, games, apps, metadata etc.
Note that all important etc. at the end - that's the sign of a infovore in EC1,  just like me.

We all learn by knowledge gained ultimately through sharing which is why so many fellow marketers welcome the opportunity to participate in social networks and mix professional with recreational updates.

I have a voracious appetite for information and an perhaps an increasing intolerance for those that don't. 

This manifests itself usually by about 2pm each day when the amount of tabs I simultaneously have open crush all the favicons together whereby they vanish.

On a good day this might not happen till 3pm.

But that really depends how define good. On a bad day this can happen as early as 11pm.

Swap good for bad or vice-versa.

When I say intolerance for those that don't, I refer to the infinite availability of information, yes and even insight that we have at our disposal.

So if you can't Google it successfully, you can ask someone you know, or someone they know, or someone who may know someone who may know...and so on.

And no I don't expect everyone to know everything of course, as I say the trouble with the internet is you can't ever finish it.

However when I hear a "I don't know" professionally uttered as a first reaction to a challenge, I wince just a little and I think a yes you can attitude is called for.

It's all out there, all the time awaiting your investigation and participation.

So next time you are faced with planning your internet marketing strategy don't say you don't know.